About Us

The New Zealand Association of Breathworkers Inc was originally formed in 1989 as a professional organization supporting those practitioners working with the breath as a spiritual and therapeutic tool.

The vision also included the desire to evolve a community of those wanting continuing support in their journey toward harmony in their lives… the Ohana was created and is growing worldwide.

The goal of that vision of community is the creation of an environment that by our working, sharing, and learning together, manifests a very supportive atmosphere of acceptance, trust, love, and safety. This invites us into a more a balanced, peaceful and joyful life.

We create a space that is both nurturing, yet challenging, where true spiritual growth can happen, a safe space to explore deeper levels of true intimacy in healthy ways. In that place, we are supported to share, without judgment, our thoughts and feelings about our spiritual journeys as we help one another to find and stay on purpose in our lives.