Breathwork Practitioner Cornelia Jones

I began supporting people to enhance their well-being and happiness 30 years ago.

After some ‘life experiences’ I recognised how beneficial non-judgemental support and caring was to my own recovery. I wanted to give back and support others, so I trained as a counsellor for ‘Parentline’ in 1987 and a course facilitator for ‘Beginning Experience‘ several years later. Through my own challenges, I am grateful to have the understanding and competency to support and guide people through many different circumstances.

Whilst continuing my own journey, I gained more experience and qualifications and commenced working in the stress management and conflict resolution space, along with confidence and self-esteem strengthening. I completed

  • a Counselling Certificate
  • an Adult Teaching Certificate at Christchurch Polytechnic
  • a Life Coach and Mentoring Diploma at Auckland Unitec
I first experienced Breathwork around 1998. Even though Counselling had been very beneficial, I found Breathwork revealed experiences I had not even imagined had impacted me. It took me to places I could never have comprehended existed!

The healing I experienced through my Breathwork sessions was so profound I decided to undertake a 2-year course to train as a Professional Breathwork Practitioner in Christchurch with Robin Woodsford and Maggie Rowe in 2000.

Breathwork can be used as your own personal tool when you have safely learnt and can understand how using the breath works, and you feel confident to ‘have a go’ on your own, (after sessions with a trained Practitioner).

I use Breathwork to release accumulated tension, deepen my connection with my intuition and self-awareness, and to gain clarity and a sense of peace in my life.

I believe increased wellbeing and self-awareness enables us to make life enhancing decisions that lead to ever increasing joy and wellbeing.

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It would be my honour to guide and support you to experience this wonderful holistic therapy.

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What Clients Say…

Cornelia provided a safe, calm, and supportive space for me to create a positive energy shift in myself. I found the breathwork session revitalizing and insightful. I felt very trusting of the whole experience.

Since seeing you I feel so much more positive, so much so that I have discovered I can draw! For the first time in a long time, I have felt social and alive.

Life is really, really good. Thank you again.


I attended Cornelia’s Breathwork workshop with an open heart and a curious mind but what unfolded was one of the most profound and unforgettable experiences of my life.

Cornelia held space for me throughout my ‘journey’ and instinctively knew how to support the process. Even though at times I was unable to communicate she had the ability to intuitively know what I was experiencing and how to respond.

I am really looking forward to having a follow up session.


I experienced debilitating anxiety and OCD, to the point it was very challenging to leave my house. After several sessions of breathwork with Cornelia, I gained the
confidence to leave my house more often and eventually got a part time job.

Amazingly, I even went travelling!

My teenage son also had some sessions with Cornelia as he had been affected by my OCD. He is also now much more confident. We have a normal life thanks to the sessions we had.

Cornelia was calming and reassuring and just seemed to know what I needed. I learnt so much about myself. Breathwork has been life changing.

Thank you so much.