Linda Light, breathworkerI have been working with Conscious Connected Breathwork (or Rebirthing) since 1989 and have a private practice in Mt Albert in Auckland.

In 1987 I was pregnant with my son and came across a book that recommended Rebirthing for all those considering conceiving a child. To clear your emotional energy of any residual trauma from your own birth, before giving birth, seemed logical and desirable. I had ten sessions at that time and found it very beneficial. When my son was 18 months old, I did a training in Rebirthing, primarily for my own process.

After my first training in 1989, I was such an advocate of Rebirthing Breathwork, that I attracted people who also got enthusiastic about it and wanted sessions.

I stayed with the modality and have completed many Rebirthing and Breathwork trainings in the last 30 years, including training with The LRT International Rebirthing School.

I have also offered ‘Anatomy and Physiology for Breathworkers’, a one day workshop for Professionals looking at the latest in Breathwork physiological research and its benefits on the human body.

I am registered with Natural Health Practitioners NZ (Rebirthing Breathwork) and have trained in Counseling.


  • Breathwork/Rebirthing supports my clients to reclaim their personal power in situations where they felt disempowered.
  • Breathwork assists them with providing tools to connect them with the gifts that challenges offer.
  • Breathwork supports them to know and act on that which is really important to them.

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I love the empowerment of both the breathwork practice and the philosophy.

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My transformational journey with Linda led to the most extra-ordinary life changing experiences I have ever encountered.



Linda works with compassion and wisdom guided by an innate and perceptive understanding of client needs. Her counsel finds its way to the heart of things in a profoundly healing way. I highly recommend her.



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