Breathwork Practitioner Liz Heart

When I discovered that our most basic function, ‘breathing’, could heal and
improve our whole being, it made sense immediately, and having sessions
myself proved it.


Life has been my greatest wounder, teacher, and healer.

Throughout my adventures and challenges, I always felt that what I was learning would hopefully benefit many.

As time went on, I was often asked what I would do when I retired, and my response was always that ‘I will be the wise old woman in the cave at the bottom of the village who people could seek for advice on life’s challenges.‘ (Perhaps I had once been that!)

Diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) in my late 30’s, I embarked on the scientific, ‘coping with it’ track, until a message ‘physician heal thyself’ popped into my head.

So began the journey of opening my eyes to many things that affect our health and well-being. Specifically, our mind, emotions, body and spirit.

As I learned, I trained and have the following:

  • Certificate in Breathwork with Colin P Sisson
  • Diploma in Breathwork with Colin P Sisson
  • Certificate in Counselling (HD&T) in 1997
  • 30 + years’ experience as a Breathwork Practitioner and Counsellor

Contact Information

Hamilton (Waikato area)
Phone, Zoom and Messenger consultations also available
020 4111 4123

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What Clients Say…

Liz’s therapy skills helped me to be strong and move to better times.

Her wise counselling has stood me in good stead. She is a rock.


Lovely Liz’s skill and support were an ever-steadying factor in my personal growth.

I felt very safe with Liz’s non-judgement when dealing with my stuff.