Louise Waswo, NZAB breathworkerI was introduced to breathwork through being on a family constellation course. So it was an unexpected experience. I had quite a powerful personal experience the first time which confirmed to me the deep spiritual aspect to this modality.

I became a breathworker because it seemed a natural path to me as I had always had an interest in personal spirituality and the unseen world around us. I had some transcendental experiences as a young child and as I grew, I eventually needed to reconcile the meaning of these into my life.



  • I use breathwork to connect more deeply with my true inner voice. Life can be busy and we can get lost so this is how I stay in touch with myself.
  • I use breathing as a health tool to calm the mind and body and have become mindful of my breath throughout the day. This has hugely increased my general health and wellbeing all round.
  • I also love the use of breathwork to help bring up unconscious patterns that are causing negative results in my life. This gives me a sense of being able to make conscious and healthy choices which attribute to more peace and wellness.


I have been married to my husband for more than twenty years and am a mother of three teenagers. Family life is challenging and super fun at the same time. I have a small part time practice in breathwork with private clients. I also have been introducing breathing and mindfulness to the local primary school.

I have been involved in breathwork for about 8 years. For 25 years I have continued my initial career of designer wedding gowns. I have a small team and continue to offer this service from my home.

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My experience in breath works with Louise has been a wonderful and powerful experience. Breathwork enables you to get to the bottom of issues and Louise’s knowledge and skills make this process a very valuable and rewarding experience


I’ve found Louise to be an excellent listener, when I have been having a breathwork session with her.

Louise is great at making me feel right at home to just rattle out all the garbage inside, (so to speak). This is good, as this way we get to the root of the problem before we start our breathwork session. Because of this at the end of the session I have more of a sense of clarity, followed by an inner peace.

I would recommend Louise to anyone who is searching for that inner peace, by following their own heart!


I have been seeing Louise over the past 3 months having just arrived in NZ from the UK.

It was amazing how quickly she narrowed down where my issues stemmed from & how she incorporated the breath work into addressing them.

Louise’s professional yet compassionate manner makes each session an absolute joy and one leaves feeling happier and with great hope about life in general. I feel ready to put my energy into what really matters to me, rather than what I think other people expect of me.

I came to Louise after research the healing power of breath as I had come to a junction in my life where there needed to be some changes.

Louise taught me the methods of breathing through the emotional reactions to the changes and how to experience them without attachment.

I would recommend Louise to anyone wishing to enhance their journey through positive change.

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