Robin Woodsford, BreathworkerMy first training was in Counselling in my early 20’s. I loved working with people as they nutted out issues that were troubling them. I went deeper into the process of working with people and explored various modalities of training in Psychotherapy. I came across Breathwork in the mid 80’s and found it to be both powerful and transformational.

I have worked with the Breath and the Mind ever since. I completed an initial Breathwork 6 month course in 1986. I have since studied the Breath and Breathwork techniques internationally and found out all I could about working with the Breath psychotherapeutically. I completed several years of intensive training in the USA and Europe. I have also done extensive training in Family Constellation work.

Breathwork is incorporated into my general practice as a key component of healing and exploration. There are many ways in which Breathwork may benefit my clients. Most important of all is that it opens them up to their deeper self and enables insights that are beyond the mental plane.

Breathwork cleans out the internal energy pipes, you might say, and leaves one a place of clarity and peace.

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