NZAB Breathworker Sruthi Bommisetty
Kia Ora! Namaste!

My name is Sruthi. I recently arrived from India and settled in New Zealand in 2022.

I started my career journey as a professional facilitator in India, with a training in Counselling Psychology and later trained in Breathwork and other Somatic healing modalities. The combination of these approaches has enabled me to understand and work with myself and my clients at the holistic level: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Personally, my own healing journey began when I turned 21. I was at a stage where I was aware of my limiting patterns but, I was feeling stuck with moving on from them. I had also just gone through a life-threatening injury. I came face to face with the trauma I had been through, and along with it, all my suppressed emotions. It was then, that I encountered breathwork and other somatic modalities. Through breathwork sessions, I was able to experience a sense of inner freedom; freedom from past baggage at the mental, physical and emotional level. It helped me to be freed of the past, and to step into the future with the wisdom from the lessons learnt.

In the last five years, in India, I have worked with children and adults facing life challenges and aided them in their journey of finding inner freedom. This work has been life transforming for myself and others. I am excited, and eternally grateful, to be able to share these gifts. My sessions are an offering for anyone who would like to learn, understand and experience freedom from the past and lead a life with empowerment.

Modality Trainings:

  • Masters in Counselling Psychology MSc.
  • Professional Rebirthing Breathwork Training at Prajna Wisdom Centre.
  • Also I have been involved in Inner Child Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Non Violent Communication and Family Constellation workshops.

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You have helped me heal in such a beautiful and gentle manner. I am eternally grateful to you. I sincerely feel that God intervened when I sought a change of facilitator for my sessions and you were assigned.

Art and Crafts teacher, India

It was a really great experience that I had. My body felt lighter, and I learnt how to manage my emotions.

Finance Professional, Muscat

Sruthi’s Breathwork sessions are something to look forward to. I have found them very effective and invaluable. I have not missed any of my sessions and after each one, I felt good and even euphoric. When I go with the flow of a session, I find it easy to form a new habit. I would be happy to refer her to anyone interested, in a heartbeat!
IT Professional, USA

I witnessed what presence truly is in your facilitation. Thank you for picking up on what I was needing and helping me move beyond what I was going through.
English teacher, India

Sruthi helped me look at situations from an empathetic perspective, one I never thought could exist. Understanding the root cause of my issues, along with comprehending the other person involved, brought about a significant change in the way I dealt with a particular issue, whether domestic or professional.
Charted Accountant, India