The NZ Association of Breathworkers consists of members who have completed recognised training, who have logged the required number of client hours, are supervised by an experienced breathworker or counsellor and who have committed themselves to on-going personal growth. Association members conduct themselves with integrity and the confidentiality of each client is assured.

Choosing a practitioner with whom you can relate and whose style of breathwork suits you, is important. The first contact is usually by telephone.

  • Ring as many breathworkers as you need to feel satisfied that you can make the best choice for you
  • Feel free to ask about training, experience, cost and frequency of sessions and anything else you wish to know.
  • You may wish to give consideration to whether you prefer to work with a man or a woman.

The practitioner I am working with is completely non-judgmental and creates a wonderful, safe environment for healing while allowing me to be fully in control (and responsible for) healing myself. She is a warm, human being with a great sense of humour, understanding, compassion and gives excellent advice.


Linda Light :: Auckland Central
Patricia Wylie :: Auckland North Shore
Jane Hoffmann Davies :: Auckland West
Stephen LeFebvre :: Coromandel
Haille Denniston :: Wellington
Robin Woodsford :: Canterbury
Maggie Rowe :: Canterbury
Louise Waswo :: Canterbury
Donna Kenton :: Canterbury

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