Professional Standards

Code of Practice

Practitioners shall be aware of and abide by:

NZAB Code of Supervision
NZAB Code of Ethics
NZAB Constitution rules
NZ Privacy Act
Medicines Act 1981 and Medicine Regulation 1984
Health and Disability Act
Local bylaws and other legal requirements for natural health practitioners
Treaty of Waitangi
Natural Health Practitioners NZ requirements

Practitioners shall

  • provide a safe, clean, comfortable and private environment for clients
  • not use membership of the NZAB to promote any product, remedy or commercial enterprise other than the practice of Rebirthing/Breathwork
  • advertise in a discreet and professional manner with all literature printed in a professional style
  • display their current NZAB membership certificate

Code of Ethics

  1. Autonomy:
    Practitioners shall respect the right of clients to make decisions which directly affect their own lives and their right to choose whether or not to consent to anything that is done to them on their behalf and their right to maintain their privacy.
  2. Beneficence:
    Practitioners shall act in ways that support and promote the welfare and positive growth of their clients.
  3. Fidelity:
    Practitioners must be honest, trustworthy and maintain a high level of integrity.
  4. Confidence:
    The confidence of the client and diagnostic findings acquired during the consultation or in the course of professional treatment shall not be divulged to anyone without the client’s consent, except where required to do so by law, or where failure to take action would constitute a menace or danger to the client or other member of the community.
  5. Sexual Harassment:
    Clients shall be free of the possibility of sexual exploitation or harassment. Practitioners shall not engage in sexual activity with their clients under any circumstances.
  6. Discrimination:
    Practitioners shall not discriminate against clients of the basis of: race, gender, sexual orientation, social class, age, disability or religious or political beliefs.
  7. Referrals:
    Practitioners shall refer clients on when they cannot meet their needs. It is the Practitioner’s responsibility, as far as possible, to verify the competence and integrity of the person to whom they refer the client.
  8. Competence:
    Practitioners who are currently practicing, shall monitor their work through regular supervision by professionally competent supervisors. Practitioners will seek ways of increasing their professional development and be responsible for monitoring their own physical and mental health. Practitioners shall seek out support and withdraw from part or all of their practice if they feel impaired physically, or psychologically. Practitioners shall take responsibility for seeking out personal therapy if the need arises and will remain committed to their own personal growth and self care.
  9. Responsibility to the wider community:
    Practitioners shall advocate policies and legislation that promote social justice, improved social conditions and a fair sharing of the community resources. Practitioners shall act to prevent and eliminate discrimination as outlined in clause 6 above.
  10. Responsibility to Colleagues and to the Profession:
    Practitioners shall treat colleagues with respect, courtesy, fairness and honesty. Practitioners shall respect the confidences of the clients of colleagues. Practitioners shall not solicit the clients of colleagues and will only work with them of in consultation with the colleague concerned. Practitioners shall not knowingly interfere with any ongoing treatment instigated by another professional whilst the client is under that practitioner’s care. Practitioners shall take action through appropriate channels against unethical conduct by a member of the profession, especially where that conduct may be harmful to clients.

Any person considering that the above code of ethics has been breached by a member, should address their complaint in writing to:

The NZAB Inc Ethics Committee

C/- NZAB Administrator

NZAB Inc Registered Address:
127 Westdale Road
Richmond 7081
New Zealand

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